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screenshot of v1.0 PalmOrb was initially created by J Robert Ray in 2000. He did the hard work; coming up with an idea! He released v0.1; it had the 20x4 screen and an about box. It worked on PalmOS 3.3 and above (I've just tried it on PalmOS 5.4 and it still works!).
[Archive of site in May 2000]
screenshot of v0.9 Then in 2002, David Douthitt did huge amounts of work on it. He added: Horizontal bars, Vertical bars, Keypad, Outputs, ENTIRE Font (including Japanese chars, foreign chars, and symbols), Cursor movement, Clear screen, Line wrap, and Auto scroll. David produced a great emulation of a Matrix Orbital display. Also a good tool for debugging software that drive Matrix Orbital displays.
[Archive of site in Sep 2002]
screenshot from an experimental build In 2004, It was worked on by Chris Lansley - released 1.0 (Improved robustness, PalmOS 2.0+, color, Serial port configuration, BlueTooth, IR (IrComm), USB, Hi-res and color icons, etc) and 1.1a4 (improved the screen; multiple fonts, etc). He also carried out a number of experiments, of which one ended up in the 1.1 series of builds. An image from one of his experiments is to the left. He also created this website. Chris is looking for somebody to take the project over as he spends all his spare time on other projects and has over 10 real lcds...

A search on the internet will also show that PalmOrb has been modified by a few people for their own use - this is one of the advantages of having the source code available!

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